God Used Her Obedience to Change a Man’s Life

While she was on the World Race, Rachel Martin didn’t want to teach English in Romania. She begged God to change her ministry. When He didn’t, she knew she had to obey. So she taught English the entire month, using the Bible as a textbook. 

Rachel had no idea this simple idea—and her reluctant obedience—would have so great an impact.

Often with short term mission trips, you don’t always see the fruit. At least, not immediately. 

While on the World Race five years ago, I spent month six in Draganesti-Old, Romania. 

Leading up to Romania, I had three months of teaching English and I was tired of teaching English. After reading the profile for our ministry contact, Hope Church, I was so excited as I wanted to do street evangelism and tell people about Christ.

So, when I was asked to teach English to a group of people and was told that it was going to be 1-on-1,  I was angry.  

I was tired of teaching English. Couldn’t someone else do it? I kept asking God, “Why do you want me to teach English? I do not like teaching English. I want to be on the streets and do the hands-on ministry where I could potentially see someone come to Christ.”  

But God didn’t remove me from the ministry chosen for me. I spent that entire month in Romania teaching English—and this is what God did: 

I felt convicted by the Holy Spirit to teach English using the Bible, and to finish every class in prayer time with typed-out prayers that we read together. I never expected the impact this basic thing would have. When that month was over, I didn’t realize that I had influenced anyone’s life.

Later, after I left Romania, I discovered that but because of God’s conviction for me to teach English through the Bible, one man came to Christ. His name is Sorin.  

Today, Sorin is learning how to become a missionary. He wants to go to India and reach the people there for Christ.  

Wow! My part in Sorin’s story is so small. All I did was listen and obey God. Did I want to do this? Nope. 

However, God wanted me to. He wanted me to share Christ with Sorin and now Sorin is sharing Christ with others. This man of God is discipling others and wanting them to know Christ.  

Thank you Jesus for this story! 

Since the World Race, I returned to Romania as a long term missionary. Once again, I am teaching English in school, and also on Saturday mornings to children and a group of youth. Why? Because I have seen the power of what God can do through this ministry of teaching English.

More importantly, I have seen the power of what God can do through those who are obedient and sold out for Him.

I know that God brought Sorin back to Him through my obedience. If an older man, who was alive during communism can receive Christ, so can these modern day youth who never experienced communism for themselves.

I believe these youth can receive Christ and become passionate Jesus followers. I know that God can open massive doors through English class and club and guess what? He already is. The number of relationships that God has brought me through English class and club is incredible. Parents trust me more now that I have been with their children for 12 weeks (even though the classes are only once a week).  

I never ever felt like I was qualified to teach English. But God has used it and now I actually enjoy teaching, because it brings me into deeper relationship with so many people.

Most of all, it’s an opportunity to share Christ.

Thank you, Jesus, for your faithfulness and compassionate heart

*Photos by Doug Linstedt, Briana Danese, and Vicky Kaniaru

When Rachel was asked to teach English, she had a choice: obey or disobey. Because she chose to obey, God used her ministry to lead Sorin to Him—and now Sorin is preparing to share the Gospel in the 10/40 Window.

Is God asking you to trust Him through obedience today? You might never know the full impact you will have… and the same is true for a mission trip!

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