Setting Fires for Souls

Being the USA, idol worship can seem outdated. Out on the field, however, it is a very real influence to natives and the missionaries working with them. The Shauls are a long term missionary family who have been preaching to the natives about serving God alone. After two weeks of working with the indigenous people, the people were ready to cast down their idols as a sign of visible transformation to serve Christ.

HE made darkness his covering, HIS canopy around him, thick clouds dark with water. 

Out of the brightness before HIM hailstones and coals of fire broke through HIS clouds.

The LORD also thundered in the heavens,

and the Most High uttered HIS voice, hailstones and coals of fire. 

And HE sent out HIS arrows and scattered them;

HE flashed forth lightnings and routed them

Psalm 18:11-14

Yesterday in Cativo, the storm came.  The LORD, in HIS anger, in HIS fury, came to fight against the enemies of HIS church.  Yesterday, followers of CHRIST laid down their idols, casting them into the fire.  For two weeks we have been teaching on the need to renounce ties with darkness, sin un-confessed, and any physical objects used in idol worship (which is so prevalent in Dominican mountain culture).  Horlyn taught on Joshua 7, and Israels defeat at Ai. How hidden sin and even physical objects tied to idols can keep us from having real victory in life.  We taught on Acts 19, and how the church of Ephesus confessed openly their sins, and brought out to be burned belongings with ties to evil. 

As my team and I spent the week praying and interceding, and as the church in Cativo spent the week and seeking and asking, show me LORD, do I have some something to renounce before YOU? The LORD began to move: first, within our own team and then yesterday at the burning.  After a time of seeking the LORD through praise and worship, a normal Sunday gathering, the church moved out into an open, public place.  As we walked the dirt path lined with cactus fences, thunder cracked and lightening flashed.  Dark, deep clouds moved in and the heavens opened up.  The rain was angry, the storm frightening. 

We made a fire in the middle of the rainstorm, the main kindling a skirt used in making oaths to demons.  Puddles corralled in the muddy soil below the fire kept burning strong.  Witchcraft, alcoholism, saint worship, incantations, and idolatry were all renounced in the middle of the powerful storm.  In the name of JESUS idols were cast down.  And as the fire burned despite the downpour, the fury of the CAPTAIN of heavens armies went to war against the power of darkness whose permission of influence had just been revoked.  Freedom came as the church in Cativo realized that doors had been shut to the enemy; praise, worship, and celebration ensued.  It was a beautiful moment.  Freedom is liberating.

As our songs died down so did the rain.  We looked and saw the final smolder, red-hot embers, untouched by the rain.  The ground was all around it soaked and sodden.  HIS SPIRIT purifies us, HIS holy fire burns and cleanses us.  Praise GOD!  Through CHRIST we have a FATHER who goes to war for us, whose anger is roused against our enemies.  Who can withstand HIS fury?  Who can resist the violence of HIS anger?  Enemy of the church beware, your days are numbered.


Praise YOU JESUS!  In CHRIST alone, we truly have victory.

Being on the field is the only way our groups know the real spiritual climate of the village. By the leading of the Spirit, we set the people free leading them to discover Jesus transforming their lives. Want to be apart of Christ transforming lives? Sign up for a trip now!