Cry, Dry, and Repeat

In a culture so commonly linked to fiestas and joy and celebration, an underlying hopelessness lingers. Puerto Rico is a place of life and joy and family, but deep down people crave healing. There is a constant pain that doesn't seem to go away. Connie Rock has led multiple trips to Puerto Rico, but the lasting change in her own life surprised her even more than the changes she saw in the people she came to serve.

True story. A man was born blind. The disciples asked Jesus what he or his parents did wrong that would cause the blindness. His answer below…


John 9:3 "Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life."









On the last couple trips, I have shared this story from John 9 over and over, most recently on the last trip to Puerto Rico. A small team of us joined by a handful of our Puerto Rican family visited a Children's Cancer Hospital. Our focus was the floor that treated children stage 4 cancer and beyond. It worked like this:
Three gals entered as clowns, introduced themselves-and us. We'd smile, touch shoulders, shake hands, kiss cheeks… We made small talk, played with the younger ones and I took the older ones' phones to find my name on Facebook and become "official" friends. The team sang; we'd ask to pray for them. We'd pray, take a picture, and say goodbyes. Then we'd walk out of the room and cry in the hall.

Cry, dry, and repeat. We were given very specific orders not to shed any tears or show sorrow while inside the rooms.



I thought I might have a word for them, but no…instead I played with the children and teased the older ones. Getting a smile out of them was a rush. For that second, they forgot. But for the mothers, aunts, and family who sat in the rooms with them… the weight was heavy. Their bodies shook as we prayed. Looking into their eyes, I reminded them that their illness is not the effect of his/her sin, or that of their parents. But that it was a work of God…so that when they are restored…that HE would get the glory and praise!

The next day, we walked through the colorful streets of old San Juan when a guy approached us asking for prayer: "I have leukemia and want prayer".  Yes! Yes! I shared John 9 and began to intercede as my sister, Kary, translated.



We claimed healing thru the blood of Jesus. We thanked Him. We praised Him. We had faith. After the AMEN…I asked, "My friend, what did you hear the Lord saying to you?"

"I'm healed!"

A smile came across his face and we celebrated… a little jumping, some clapping, a picture, and a few squeals. What does this healing look like? Not sure yet, but I know it included spiritual healing…the most important healing. He believes in the Son of God!



Connie witnessed many healings while in Puerto Rico, both in herself and those around her. You can too. There are still spaces for our trips this summer — Join us now! Maybe Puerto Rico isn't for you? There are many more opportunities for the summer!