You Can Help Oklahoma Heal and Rebuild

On Monday, May 20, the community in Moore, Oklahoma was torn apart by a devastating tornado. 

In difficult times, no words of sympathy can ease the grief, the loss of family members, homes…lives are destroyed. During times like this, those of us watching feel helpless.

But we are not. You are not.

You can be the hands and feet to meet needs that matter.

You can sift though the debris to recover precious bits of history.

You can help Moore, Oklahoma rebuild. 

We are working alongside local authorities, agencies, and churches to determine the most strategic use of our teams in the affected areas, and we are already organizing relief trips.

As we identify the areas where we can serve our neighbors, we want to hear from you. Click here for details about our relief trips or to contact us with questions.

You can join our team:

  1. Damage caused by tornados in Northern GeorgiaStay connected. Sign up to receive updates on the latest happenings and our involvement in relief efforts.
  2. Donate. Our Disaster Relief Fund will help our neighbors meet immediate needs, including baby food and diapers. Give here.
  3. Pray. No matter where you are, join us in praying for specific needs. Get updates here.
  4. Spread the word. Tell others how they can join us by sharing info on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. Check out our Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter for news. Click here to tweet this post. 
  5. Go. Get your hands dirty and join us on the scene. As soon as the National Guard gives us the go-ahead, we will be forming teams to help with the cleanup efforts. If you can help, we'd love to stay connected as we organize relief efforts. Join our team and make a difference for those affected by the storms in Moore.

Details and dates for our relief trips are now available. We can promise that Adventures in Missions will provide you with an intentional relief experience led by experienced leadership.

Please join us to bring hope and help to our devastated neighbors in Moore, Oklahoma.