In the Wake of Tragedy, We Remain

What happens in the wake of tragedy? When the cameras stop rolling, and the news starts reporting on the next big thing? What happens when the dust settles, and families return home to find a scattering of debris and memories? We're there.

Weeks after Moore, Oklahoma, months after Sandy, years after Katrina — we remain.








We, like so many other first responders, load up trucks with donated supplies and willing hands, and we go where we're needed most. We're show up to lend a hand, an ear, or a strong embrace. 

"Through the re-building of a home and through the prayers that were said, we were able to help restore hope to a woman that lost everything… I'm not sure of the impact we made in such a few short days, but God knows." – Mark Tracy, Adventures in Missions Disaster Relief Volunteer









"If I have taken anything from this trip, it is that the people of God were not afraid to step up and make themselves available in a time of need." – Tracy

What about you? Will you make yourself available to step up in a time when you are still needed most?

Will you remain when the dust has settled, the news teams have gone, and the real work begins? Go with us, stay awhile, you're still needed.




Photos from wjbush, unrealginger, marcimacaraeg, savannagivensmudpies_n_butterflies,adammarshall