Update on Haiti: 46 Orphans Disappear

Seth Barnes got off the phone with our Haiti staff and this is what he reports…

 When the government took the kids away from the SOG orphanage, they left in one or two buses (we couldn’t confirm). They divided them up by gender, the girls in one orphanage and the boys in the other. 
They didn’t tell us where they’d taken the girls, but we knew where the boys were. It was a very confusing situation. We had to drive around for 3 1/2 hours trying to find where the girls were. 
When we finally found the girls orphanage, we counted just 31 there. We were gratified to see that they seemed to be doing well. 
The story was not as positive with the boys – just a few there. The director of that orphanage had been initially encouraging, but when we arrived said, “You don’t have authorization.” He seemed upset and shooed us away. 
As we looked around, we could see why he might be concerned. Some of the boys who looked to be 6 and 7 years-old were on some kind of work detail, swinging pickaxes. 
All told, we are missing 46 orphans, 23 girls, and 23 boys. We don’t know where they were taken or how they are doing. One of them, Magdala, is especially precious to the Barnes family. 
We don’t want to stop fighting for these kids until we know where they are and know that they’re cared for. 
You can read more about it in this article. 
 Please keep praying and sign this petition asking for an investigation.  Every time someone signs a new email gets sent to the President’s office asking for an investigation.  We’re up to 2,600 already!