Haitian Government Closes the Son of God Orphanage

Today, the Associated Press released an article announcing the closure of the Son of God Orphanage in Carrefour, Haiti. The children were removed by UNICEF and taken to new homes. 

All of this happened because you raised your voices. 
This kind of action is a rare occurrence in the developing world, and the timing of it is nothing short of miraculous. In recent years, only one other orphanage has been shut down by the Haitian government. 
The director of the orphanage was arrested in June on charges of trafficking after he was caught trying to sell a child to an aid worker. His wife has been running the orphanage ever since. She denies charges of neglect, while malnourished children wander the premises. Along with several other organizations, we began investigating this case a year ago when first suspecting foul play. 
And today, justice is served. Thank you for your prayers, blogs, petitions, and all the other ways you got the word out. 
Everyone we talk to says this shouldn’t have happened. Not in a week. Not even in month. Five days and twelve thousand signatures later, the lives of fourty-six innocent children are saved. I am in awe of our God.