AIM August 2010 Newsletter

AIM August 2010 Newsletter
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:: Word from our Director – Seth Barnes ::

The Faces of Sex Trafficking
Statistics and numbers only do so much for me. I know that over a billion people in the world live in extreme poverty, but that does little for my heart in terms of daily life. I need a story to relate, a face to remember. But once I have that face, once my heart breaks for a single person, I can’t forget it. It’s no longer an issue; it’s a human life.

That’s what happened to me in Swaziland with AIDS, it’s what happened to me when it came to hungry orphans in India, and it’s what’s happening to me now with the sex trade in SE Asia.


:: Featured Resource ::

Youthworker’s Blog!
Maybe you’re a youth pastor. Maybe you’re full-time. Maybe you’re part-time. And maybe… just maybe… you’re a volunteer in need of some advice and encouragement. We’ve developed a discipleship and missions-focused safe haven just for you! It’s the Adventures In Missions Youthworker’s blog. It’s crammed full of great content, discussions, realities of ministry, advice, and more. The best part? It’s created by you.

:: Upcoming Trips ::


College :: Real Life

In the Real Life program, missions-minded college-aged individuals (ages 18 – 21) participants are sent out into the world to assist local churches, ministries, and missionaries as they share their faith in adventurous and exciting ways.
Spring semester trips include: India, Kenya, Uganda, Nicaragua, and Southeast Asia!


World Race – January 2010
The World Race is a Christian mission trip that travels to 11 countries in 11 months. Participants live out of a backpack, survive on a limited budget, and find themselves in situations where faith is the only reality to choose from. In partnering with existing missionaries and ministries, World Racers develop relationships with the “least of these”, and through acts of service see communities and nations transformed all over the world.   

Locations include: Haiti, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda.

Click here to learn more

The World Race:: Human Trafficking Edition
4 Countries; 4 months; one mission

Over 27 million people are estimated to be in what is modern-day slavery. Their cries are muffled, their dreams have been killed, and their innocence has been stolen. But we’re not going to let it stay that way. This January, we’re sending out a group of incredibly brave individuals to step into the heart of darkness, to step into the places where there is bondage, and help people get free. Are you one of those people? Check it out here…


 :: Stories from the Field ::

Story from Mission Field #1Mageso’s Story
By Michelle Smith
I promised Mageso I’d share his story, so here it goes 🙂 Back in the Dominican Republic I met Mageso during one of our house visits in the slum Goachupita. He was just sitting outside his little house (about the size of a small bedroom). With the help of our Spanish translator Olvis, we were able to sit down & join him. Despite having a high fever & severe body aches due to arthritis in his arms & legs, he was quite hospitable & happy to have our company. He seemed very lonely. Read the rest of Michelle’s story here…


The DR:]
By Brittany Garner
My first experience outside of the country was walking up to a guy in the airport and asking, “Hey, how are you doing?” and him simply responding with a smile and “Hola, como esta?”


It Takes A Village
By Victoria Skyvalidas
UNICEF estimates that there are over 25.5 million orphans under the age of 17 living in India. That means there are more orphans in India than there are people living in Texas or New York!  And only about 60% of these orphans aged 10-14 go to a school of any kind; many are left to fend for themselves.

Read more about Victoria’s time in India here…

Story from Mission Field #4Bolivia Video

Anna Coffey captures some special moments while working in Bolivia.


Story from Mission Field #4Real Life Expedition Video

Allee Rodenbaugh shares what life was like while in Tanzania through the lens of his video camera.

Watch it here

More and more people are going deeper in their relationship with Christ through their participation in AIM mission trips. Lives are being transformed. Come, be a part of it! View a list of AIM mission trips…

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