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Adventures in Missions | Spring 2011 Newsletter

Adventures in Missions | Spring 2011 LOCATIONS SERVED | YOUR IMPACT Since AIM’s inception more than 20 years ago, 89,389 missionaries have prayed for the sick, loved the unloved, and given hope to the hopeless in 50 countries all over the world. While we celebrate the growth we’ve seen, we know there’s more to be done. Will you be a part of this story? MADE-FOR-ME MISSIONS | YOUR CALLING You were made for more – more than the daily grind, paying bills and living paycheck to paycheck. You were made to see the world changed. You were made to change...

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January 2011 | Following Jesus, A Reunion, and A New Year with Real Life

A Word from the Director Learning to Follow Jesus in Juarez | Seth Barnes  Seth shares a story of following Jesus’ model of discipleship during a short-term missions trip in Mexico: A number of years ago, on a missions project in Juarez, I was translating for a small group of students.  This was their first time and they were a little worried.  “How do we know who to talk to?” they asked me. “Well, let’s stop and ask God what we should do,” I replied. When we had finished praying, we looked up and saw a white truck approaching them on the...

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AIM Newsletter | Immanuel on the Mission Field

AIM Newsletter | Immanuel on the Mission Field From Our Director Upcoming Trips Featured Story Stories from the Field Video   From Our Director   Confronting a Warlock in Caracas | Seth Barnes Lately, South America has become a riskier place to do missions primarily due to violence related to drug-trafficking. Seth, however, recently shared a story from a short-term trip to Venezuela he went on 17 years ago: Arriving in Caracas…our team immediately saw its cauldron of contradictions. Skyscrapers and slums coexist uneasily. Its six million inhabitants seemed...

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AIM November 2010 | Known & Loved

This month’s newsletter features: •    A Word from Our Director •    Featured Story •    Upcoming Trips •    Stories from the Field •    Videos from the Field Dodging Bullets for the Gospel in Matamoros | Seth Barnes AIM has had a ministry based out Matamoros, Mexico for almost 20 years.  During that time, our leaders have been friends with a woman named Manuela, the sister of the notorious Tony Tormenta.  Tormenta headed a drug cartel until he was killed a few weeks ago in one of the gun battles ripping...

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AIM Newsletter | Restoring Sight and Representing Christ

In this month’s newsletter: Thoughts from Our Director Feature Story Upcoming Trips Field Stories  Thoughts from Our Director Parents, Send Your Kids on a Mission Trip | Seth Barnes In this video, Seth encourages parents to send their children on missions; he shares from his personal experience of taking his four of his five kids to Peru for a month. Seth Barnes: Short Term Missions Story from Adventures In Missions on Vimeo. Featured Story Sight to the Blind | Nick Hindes Nick Hindes is leading a Real Life team in Kenya.  Earlier this month, he and his team...

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AIM Newsletter | Surfing, Perseverance and Wyclef

In this month’s newsletter: •    Thoughts from Our Director •    Feature Story •    Upcoming Trips •    Field Stories   :: Surfing the Tension Between Rest & Ministry | Seth Barnes People talk about finding balance in life. I’m not sure what that looks like. It conjures up an image of a tightrope walker carefully moving across a wire.   My life doesn’t feel like that. My life feels more like a wave that I’m surfing that curls behind me. I can’t see it, but it’s carrying me forward...

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