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That Time a Voodoo High Priest Came to Christ

While in Haiti, Ivan Vega Pacheco and his team were prayer walking through a local village bound by voodoo. As they prayed, God let them to a local voodoo temple, where they were able to pray for people and see them set free. However, the high priest was not there, and Ivan felt strongly that they were to return. The next day, God sent them back to the voodoo temple. The high priest was there, and what happened next is incredible. One day in Haiti, our team prayer went out walking in the local community. We knew it was an area where witchcraft and idolatry was commonly practiced. As we walked...

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How My First Mission Trip Blew My Mind

Jade Ripp, a participant on our most recent Adventures Encounter trip to Haiti, wrote about her experience with homesickness. Haiti was her first mission trip, and it changed her life. Sometimes it's hard to throw away the life you used to lead and hand the pen to the Lord to write the rest of your story. Trust me, I know. It is not easy, but in the end it is worth it. When God directed me to go on a mission trip, I began looking for opportunities. When God helped me find Adventures In Missions, I began getting a little nervous to leave the country. When God pointed...

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Rescued from the Haiti Rubble

Denise Heesch and her team visited Merger, Haiti, on an Adventures Encounter trip. Below Denise tells the story of one family who experienced a miracle in the rubble of the 2010 earthquake. We followed single-file behind Madame Pastor and the translator as they explained we were going to meet a special young girl. When we reached a concrete slab at the top of a steep hill, we approached the door on the back of the cinder block “home.” The special young girl Meloonda had just woken up but the mother invited the six of us plus the translator inside to wait. While we waited, we looked...

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Haiti: Two Years Later, We Tarry On

I want to say Haiti has changed a lot over the past two years. But I can’t. The emergency aid effort and the donations that flooded into Haiti after the quake undeniably helped save lives and provided basic and essential services, including food and water, to millions. But rapid progress in Haiti’s reconstruction and rebuilding has been quite another issue.  Yet the thing that struck me when I first visited and continues to strike me today is the energy, creativity, and the intelligent spirit of Haiti’s people – despite the daily difficulties and the challenges....

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10,000 people sign petition to expose Son of God Orphanage

CNN investigative journalist, Amber Lyon, contacted Children’s HopeChest CEO, Tom Davis, and reaffirmed her passion for helping Haiti and ending child trafficking by sending this story directly to her producers at CNN. Children’s HopeChest has also been fielding calls from other major US news outlets who are working now to bring this story to a wider audience. Here’s what you can do today: Sign the second petition urging Haitian President Michel Martelly to take immediate action to close the Son of God Orphanage. We have surpassed 10,000 signatures on our first petition,...

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Haitian Orphanage Accused of Abuse, Trafficking Children

Feel free to share this press release with your networks and/or post it on your own blog. After continued visits to the Son of God Orphanage (SOG) in Carrefour, Haiti, six charitable organizations (Adventures in Missions, Bridgeway Church, Timberline Church, Children’s HopeChest, Journey Community Church, and Respire Haiti) have challenged the global community to force the hands of international leaders in the closure and investigation of the facility.   According to eye-witness accounts, the children at SOG have suffered some of the most heinous human...

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