We Are Planting 1000 churches in India | Project Saturation:

India is home to over 1.3 billion people – 95% of whom have no ready access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Adventures in Missions has international bases in 7 countries, and our base in India has adopted the district of Nalgonda. It is home to over 3 million people of whom less than 1% are Christian. There are 184 unreached people groups in Nalgonda who are in desperate need of the hope of the Gospel. So where do you start when the need is so great? 


Project Saturation is our answer to the call in Nalgonda, India. Our goal through this project is to see over 1000 churches planted (that’s 1 per village) in the district. And we are on track to complete this goal heading into our third year. 


World Race, Gap Year, Short Term teams, and Parent Vision trips serve alongside our long-term team in India and local ministry partner and experience God moving in powerful ways!  God is healing the sick, opening blind eyes to see, enabling the lame to walk, setting people free from all sorts of physical, emotional, and spiritual baggage through the powerful name of Jesus!



Last year, we trained Indian national missionaries and they planted 130 churches! We saw more than 1000 people come to faith in Christ and witnessed countless miracles and healings.


These missionaries have walked away from all the familiar things in their lives to answer the call to follow and serve Jesus. Their hearts are burdened for the Glory of God to be known among their people in India. They face persecution every day, but it does not stop their relentless pursuit of making Jesus’s love known to those who have never heard.


For $500, we can provide a church building structure for the communities where these missionaries are sharing the Gospel. 


Will you join us in bringing the name of Jesus to the ends of the earth?


To give or to learn more about how Project Saturation works, visit: Adventures.org/ProjectSaturationIndia