Two Ways to Get Youth Involved This Summer

Your youth are looking for an incredible experience this summer.  And we know that you want to help them make memories, and grow in their faith while serving people around the world.  We can help.  

Want to take your group on a trip where they can grow in their relationship with the Lord? We have urban, rural, and international sites where your youth will lead, coach, and serve. Through ministry with kids, sports outreach and serving local ministries, these students will see the value of their presence and observe first hand the move of God through their contribution.

Check us out at adventures.org/youth or call us at 1.800.881.2461

Do you have students that need a longer, more personal missions experience?  Some of your high schoolers need to be thrust into a deeper adventure this summer.  Why not send them for 2-4 weeks on a individual trip? They will join a team of 7-12 more students and leaders to travel overseas and impact the world in a unique and life changing way.

For more information on specific trips, encourage your students to check out adventures.org/ambassador or call us at 1.800.881.2461 ext. 290