This is What Happens When Women Experience Freedom

World Race Alum Erika Michael is on a 6 month Kingdom Journeys trip, sharing hope and healing with women throughout the world. While in Peru, her team held a retreat for women who were able to experience hope, healing, and the freedom of choosing forgiveness. 

Purple table cloths on tables. Journals written in, and set on the tables. Flowers in tea cups. Banners on the walls. 

We were all set up and ready for the women. The day we had been planning and praying about had come. We waited on the balcony for the comvie bringing the women. 

The comvie came and the women poured out onto the sidewalk as a few of us made our way down to welcome them and a few stayed in the room to direct them. 

From erikamichael.kingdomjourneys.org

Buenas dias! Good morning!” The women made their way into the room, claimed a table, and took a seat. We waited for a few stragglers and then got started. 

At first the women seemed a little skeptical. They didn’t really know what to expect. They had never had a retreat just for them. Now there were five gringas (white girls) speaking with them and asking them to draw pictures. 

From erikamichael.kingdomjourneys.org

We got started. We had our introduction, icebreaker, and worship. We shared about how our stories effect our view of God. Sometimes we let our life experiences define God instead of who He really is. The story of the woman at the well was told. We talked about their precious worth to God.

Then it changed. The skepticism was gone. There were more smiles on faces. The women were at ease and more willing to share their stories.

I am not really sure when the moment was that this changed. I don’t really even know if it was a moment, or just the progression of the women sharing their stories, getting to release the burdens of things they don’t normally talk about. 

From erikamichael.kingdomjourneys.org

We talked about the painful things that have happened in our lives. I am always amazed at this part of the retreats. People share moments of their lives when they have gone through deep, deep pain. There is such vulnerability. Tears are shed. There is something about being able to share in each other’s pain and give a hug.

As the body of Christ that’s part of what we’re suppose to do, right?

After talking about the pain that we have experienced in our lives, we shared about forgiveness and how it sets us free from bitterness so we can experience freedom.

Then a celebration broke out. As we worshiped, our team washed the women’s feet and prayed over them. It was powerful. Each of the women were given a crown to decorate. Wearing our crowns we stood in a circle and declared truth over ourselves:

  • I am new. (2 Corinthians 5:17)
  • I am a daughter of God. (John 1:12)
  • I am adopted into the family of God. (Ephesians 1:5)

I cannot think of a better way to end the day than celebrating who we are in Christ!

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