Summer 2015 Passport Trips are Open!

It’s early morning in South Africa as Passporter Christie Sanchez watches the sun rise over Pretoria. Her family and friends back in the States are still asleep, as are her teammates in the building beside her, and thoughts keep racing through her mind. 

It’s just her and God. 

At ministry the day before, as the children surrounded the vehicle before it even stopped, little hands pulled her from inside and tugged for attention, beautiful brown eyes and laughing voices, longing for love, desperate for the touch of God. Through the language barrier, the clearest English words communicated from both sides were, “I love you… I love you… I love you.” 


Christie says, “At this moment, God began breaking my heart. This image alone turned a flame inside of me into a raging fire.

Although we come, travel, and serve in the hope to plant seeds and bring some sort of light to a dark place, I think many times, we’re revealed a shadowed part in our faith, in ourselves, in our lives that is suddenly exposed, set on fire, and engulfed in passion for something better. Sometimes, the children pour out to us more than we missionaries can pour out to them.

I hope God sees me the way I see these children. I wonder what child I’ll be like when I see Him pulling up in a car. Will I too not see the point in waiting for it to park? Will I have child-like faith and search for what his sandals look like? Or will I sit in awe at the end of a communion table completely shocked by just the sight of Him? Will my love be so apparent? Will I scream out “I love you” in a voice He’s never heard? Will I be enough?”

Face to face with God, Christie is finding answers to life-defining questions.

What questions do you need to ask God? Is he calling you to something more, something outside of your comfort zone?

Whether it’s a break between semesters or the summer after graduation, we challenge you to make next summer one you will never forget. Take a break from building the resume or another boring summer at the pool (so overrated!). Instead, how about you:


…play with orphans in Swaziland

…tell a prostitute in Southeast Asia about her true value

…feed the poor in Honduras

…share Christ in unreached jungle villages of the Amazon

…change the world. 


Summer 2015 – make it count. Click here to apply for a summer you will never forget!

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