Study Abroad Fall 2011: College Missions – Intro to Real Life

If you’re a college student, you need to know that a Real Life missions trip isn’t just a trip; it’s a learning experience. It may not be academic (though it’s is possible to get college credit), but we dare you to “study” abroad with us; you’re gonna learn as much – if not more – on the mission field as you would from your textbooks and lectures.


Before you begin your “study” abroad experience with us, here’s the first class you’ll take:

RL-101 Introduction to Real Life

A week-long prerequisite taught prior to ministry, students will live in simulated conditions with one another, leaders and staff. The first few days are spent training in the U.S. and concludes after a couple days of arrival.

Jared Townsend begun the first few days of his summer in Peru in town and now is in the jungle. Here’s his course review:

Heat is a powerful force in our world. It hardens things, warms them up, burns them, and purifies them. It has forced us to grow and bond as a team as well as cover each others weaknesses. God has taught me so much in such a short amount of time, it’s incredible!…

Training camp. Wow. I feel like a month’s worth of information was downloaded to my head in 4 days. Between the different seminars, discussions with teammates, and wisdom from our leaders, I’ve been so blessed to have gone to training camp. I feel like it has really prepared me and encouraged me to be bold for God and proclaim his name fearlessly.

Jared’s classmate, Brent Hamilton, shares what God taught him through a rock while at training camp in this blog.

Courtney Bonones is in Uganda; training camp for her first exposure to many things:

I’ve never KNOWN diversity like this. I’ve never KNOWN community like this, I’ve never KNOWN worship like this. I’ve never KNOWN leaders like this, or people, or The Spirit, or God’s Voice, or Passion, or movement, or excitement, or compassion, or LOVE like this. ever. before. in. my. life!

There are 191 college-aged students gathered together at one camp for one purpose: to bring the good news to the nations. We are being asked to sleep under a homemade tarp/tent with people we met only hours ago, asked to be vulnerable with one another right off the bat, asked to push past our comfort zones and everything we may be used to; even related to church, worship, and prayer. I’ve already done things I have never even heard of or been exposed to before.

Not many required courses are so highly rated. Read some more of our current summer missionaries’ “reviews”:

  • Brody Contarino advises future students about expectations of training camp.
  • Sarah Arant heard from God in a profound way during training camp.

If you’d like an alternative to another semester on campus, check out the Real Life homepage

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  • ask God if any of the seven countries could be your campus this fall.
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