She was Healed and Now She Prays for Healing Over Others

A note from Anglea at out Guatemala Base: 

Today I wanted to share about our Church Activation conferences. 

During these conferences, we train Latinos on how to live a missional lifestyle. We start with worshiping the Lord and glorifying Him. Next, we move into a time of teaching and training. Then we put into practice what we learned. We go out led by the Holy Spirit and excited to partner with what God has planned.

Here’s a testimony from one of our conferences: 

Recently one of our staff members, Junior, started a church in Antigua. He asked our Church Activation team to teach a few Sundays ago. As the teaching was about to end, the congregation was told that they were going to go out and practice what they just learned. Most of the church was very nervous to go out and share their faith, but little did they know something amazing was about to happen.

One of the teams went out and met a lady – let’s call her Maria. The team talked with Maria for a little while and asked if they could pray with her. One of the team members felt led to ask her if she had any pain in her leg. She shared with them that she had suffered from leg pain for many years. The team was eager to pray with her, and after they prayed, Maria said that she felt a little better, but there was still some pain.

When  Maria got home, she shared with her daughter about how a group came up to her and asked her if they could pray for her…she thought it was odd. But the next day, Maria woke up and her pain was GONE!!  She was so excited about receiving her healing that she came to the church the next Sunday. Not only did Maria go to church, but she brought 15 people with her, including her daughter!

Junior saw Maria at church, and as they were talking, she shared with him what had happened. She told Junior how she desires to pray with the same power and authority that the team did when they prayed over her. Maria asked if Junior could pray over her daughter, and as he did, Maria joined in and prayed with authority.

Maria is so excited to come to the next activation conference to learn more about the power and authority that God gives us to pray over people. She is now an active member of the church, where she is able to grow and learn.

When the body of Christ is activated, we move beyond the four walls of the church and out into the world that desperately needs Jesus, and lives are changed!

We invite you to partner with us as the Lord continues to activate His Church and send Guatemalans to the nations! 

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