Rebuilding Lives After Hurricane Sandy

Not long ago, Hurricane Sandy swept the East Coast. The storm killed over 100 people, destroyed whole communities, and left thousands of Americans homeless. 

Two months later, the Northeast is still working to restore mass transit and return cities to working order. Many people remain homeless, and many more are left with only remnants of what they once possessed. 

People like Monica and JD whose house was destroyed by the storm. Monica, a nurse, and JD, NYPD, along with their two children Charlotte and Caroline, 8, are living with relatives on Long Island. Charlotte and Caroline were placed in new schools. They are hoping to begin the process of rebuilding soon. 

This Christmas, neighbors like Monica and JD continue to suffer from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.


You can help

Join Adventures in rebuilding the homes and lives of those affected by Hurricane Sandy. 

Some of these families have lost everything. “Bear one another’s burdens” and respond with Adventures to go beyond meeting the physical needs of those hurt by the hurricane. Restore their joy. Bring them hope. 
Adventures Encounter is offering six-day hurricane relief trips to New York City in March and April, just in time for spring break. 
Join us and help families return to their homes. You will build relationships and be a listening ear. You will be the hands and feet of Christ.

Recovering takes time and effort. Will you lend a hand to show these families the love of Christ by helping them rebuild their homes and their lives?