Real Men Go to Matamoros for Missions

Thirty men – ten young men and twenty not-quite-as-young-anymore men – from Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, Georgia went to Matamoros, Mexico with AIM last week. 
This brotherhood spent five days in Mexico and didn’t waste a minute.  They hit the ground running soon after they arrived; their first day, half the group painted while the other half assessed the site where they would build two houses in the squatter community.
Early on during the trip, it had been raining but praise God for answering prayers for sunny weather!  The men were able to build ahead of schedule.  One of the team members, Charlie, worked so hard that he lost his “soul”; watch to see what happened:

The team flexed their adaptability muscles, taking turns doing construction and ministering to people at a nearby rehabilitation center and youth detention center.
It rained again during their time, but God worked through the inclement weather, too:

As people from the community sought physical shelter from the rain, these men were able to direct them to Jesus, the savior who is our shelter.
This band of brothers truly followed in Jesus’ footsteps – they practiced his trade (carpentry) and carried out his vocation (preaching, praying, and simply loving people).  We’re thankful for churches like Johnson Ferry Baptist Church who, in spite of concerns about security, go to places like Mexico to obey the great commission.

More videos of their time can be found here, starting with this post.