Philippines Typhoon Disaster Relief

Typhoon Haiyan decimated the Philippines last week.

Two million people in 41 provinces have been affected by the typhoon; officials have estimated that 10,000 people lost their lives.

We watched, horrified, as whole cities crumbled and villages were swept out to sea. We watched as reports of desperate people looting for food and supplies came in from news sources worldwide. We watched a nation sink to its knees.

But we don’t have to watch anymore. We can do something.

You can do something.

  1. Stay informed. We’ve got teams already in place to meet needs that matter, to help communities begin to rebuild their lives, and to bring Jesus to a devastated country. Sign up to get updates about our latest involvements in relief efforts and other happenings around the world.
  2. Pray. No matter where you are, you can join us in praying for our brothers and sisters in the Philippines.
  3. Go. We’re in the process of planning disaster relief trips to get short-term missionaries like you on the ground as quickly as possible. Current trips are posted here. Or contact us here to be notified as more immediate December dates are posted. Also if you are a group of 10 or more, please contact us to accommodate the dates of your choice.
  4. Donate. If you can’t be physically present on the scene, there are other ways to help. Prayerfully consider giving to our Disaster Response Fund, which supports our relief efforts in the Philippines to help purchase items like food, water filtration units, medical supplies, wood, fuel, cement, water bottles, and other disaster relief needs.

The Philippines needs you.

Will you respond?

 photos via Mansunidas