Passport: More Than an Adventure [Video]

We took the opportunity to check in with our Passport missionaries to catch a glimpse of life on the field. 

We could tell you that the Passport is more than just a 1-9 month missions trip for 18-22 year olds (which you can apply for here). 
We could tell you that the Passport is an experience that will expose you life in the developing world. 
We could tell you that you’ll confront human trafficking, the plight of orphans, and poverty. 
We could say that you’ll probably experience community and growth at a deeper level than you have before.
We could say that God will stir something inside you as you serve — a new direction, a renewed passion.
Or… we could just show you this video.
You could apply for your summer, fall and Immersion 2012 Passport trips here
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