It’s Not Summer Camp: High School Missions Trips

Spring’s almost here and that means summer will soon follow. And for many of you, summer means Christian camp. 

You close your eyes, and you can clearly see the sign, “Camp [Insert Native American sounding name]”. It’s in the middle of nowhere but you’ve memorized the route by heart. 
You’re hoping that this year’s t-shirt will finally come in your favorite color. You take a look through your foot locker of camp gear. All of it’s still in good shape, so there’s no excuse to go shopping. 
You hope last year’s counselor is back this summer – the one that conveniently turned a blind eye when you plotted your trademark prank. You wonder if your BFFs from last year are coming out to camp this year. Even though it seems lame, you actually look forward to caravaning to camp with your family and your neighbors. 
What if you decided to try something new this summer? Say, go on a missions trip? 
Instead of dropping you off at camp or the church parking lot, your parents might have to drive you to the nearest international airport. As you grab your luggage, it won’t be a trunk but a pack. 
You won’t recognize the other participants ’cause you haven’t met them before. Maybe you’ll recognize them by the puzzled yet excited look on their faces. 
Just imagine peers from all over the country meeting for the first time – each with a different history in life and with God – uniting for the purpose of advancing God’s kingdom. You’ll begin this experience as strangers, but discover they’re just brothers and sisters in Christ you hadn’t met – until now. 
Click here to explore the amazing range of opportunities – two weeks in Alaska, three weeks in Ireland, four weeks in Cameroon, or five weeks in Mexico, just to name a few – available for the summer. 
Going on missions this summer is not gonna be summer camp. Get pumped.

** Please note, that for this missions program is for high school students, ages 14-18.  If you’re younger than 14, we apologize if we got you all riled up (but maybe you can encourage your youth pastor to take your youth group on a trip…).  If you’re 18+ years old, consider our Real Life missions program.