Inspiration from the Wreckage

When Kevin Striegle recovered a long-lost family heirloom amongst the rubble of Hurricane Sandy, he knew his story wouldn't end when his mission trip did. 
Kevin had never been an outspoken Christian. His busy travel schedule and that feeling of not being enough had kept him away from church, searching for satisfaction elsewhere. He distanced himself from church, his family, and God.
That distance left him feeling empty, wanting more for his life. He began to wrestle with the thought of being called to something greater. He didn't know exactly what he was supposed to do, but as time passed the thought grew stronger. He couldn't ignore it any longer — he needed to serve.
As this tension built within him, Hurricane Sandy pounded the northeast coast. Kevin heard Adventures in Missions was gathering an army of volunteers to send relief. He knew this trip was just the thing he needed, even if it meant taking some big risks. 
One leap of faith and a short flight later, Kevin landed in NYC.  His expectations mounted as he waited to hear how he would finally be able to serve. Nothing, however, could prepare him for how he was about to be used.

The barren roads, once lined with beautiful homes, broke Kevin’s heart; the manifestation of people’s lives in debris and wreckage. Homeowners Rosemary McDermott and Anthony Minor lost everything due to an electrical fire during the storm. Kevin and his team were there to help pick up the pieces; sifting through the debris by the light of their headlamps, they unearthed something far more valuable than they could have expected.
Amidst the ash, under an unscathed wooden cross, they discovered the family safe. Kevin lifted it from the rubble and handed it to the couple whose outstretched arms and beaming faces told of the treasure he had discovered.
Anthony and Rosemary cried as they cracked open the safe with their family's genealogy tucked safely inside. Where many people would see only paperwork, Anthony and Rosemary saw a sign of God’s faithfulness.

Even in the midst of the storm, he restores our pasts and prepares our futures. Kevin knew experience had to be shared. As he wrote his story, Kevin never imagined the impact it would have on a girl living states away.  

“Shutting down.” Allison couldn’t believe those words.
After two weeks of employment, Allison Shumaker discovered the summer camp where she worked would be closing down. Defeated and confused, Allison returned home, unsure of God’s purpose.
Questioning God, and searching for answers, Allison stumbled across Kevin’s story of restoration on his Sandy Relief trip. Though this family lost everything, Kevin helped them recover a precious part of their family’s identity — their history. Allison could see God's hand in Kevin's experience and realized, even in disappointment, she could find healing. Kevin's story helped Allison to trust the Lord’s plan again.
Without hesitation, Allison signed up for a relief trip to NYC. She knew she could “love on people and pour into lives both physically and spiritually” on a trip like that.
Instead of seeing this as another opportunity for God to disappoint her, Allison decided to step out in faith and let the Lord use her on the mission field rather than to sit around in her fears, insecurities, and hurt from the past. When she clicked on the button that read, “Sign up,” Allison felt a wave of relief come over her. She knew she was doing the right thing. And she had Kevin to thank.
Kevin's story inspired Allison and renewed her trust in the Lord. Can your story do the same? Start living a story that inspires others — go on a mission trip