Honoring a Generation of Men Who Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up

Last month we celebrated women in missions, and this month we’re honoring our missions-minded men.

Fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, friends — we’ve poured over your stories with thankful hearts swelling with pride. They’re stories of fun and freedom, challenge and compassion, honor and humility.

And the lasting impression we’re left with is a man who looks like Jesus.

A man like you.

You said “yes” to the call. Whether your mission field is India or Indiana. Whether you stepped off a plane or off your front porch.

You stood up, showed up, spoke up. 

You stood up to wrap your arms around your family and pray with them, because you believe in the power of prayer and a legacy of love.

You showed up to serve and hang out with the guys at the homeless shelter, because you believe ministry is a lifestyle.

You spoke up to share your story with the struggling father in India, because you believe the same gospel that transformed your story can do the same for his.

You have a unique role as a man to contribute to the body of Christ. Without you, the image is, at best, abstract and fuzzy. Without you, we’re functioning at fifty percent and missing the fullness of God’s design. We (you, the church, the nations) are missing it.

Your “yes” reaches far off places and sparks fires of change in you, the church, the nations, and an entire generation of men. 

A generation of men who are ready and waiting to see a man who looks like Jesus, to be a man who looks like Jesus.

A man like you— ready and waiting.

Will you say “yes”?

Will you pack up, stand up, show up, speak up?

Will you abandon comfort for the kingdom?

Will you love widows and orphans, prostitutes and addicts in Jesus’ name?

Will you love your neighbor as yourself?

The world is waiting, the earth is groaning, and we are on the edge of our seats.

It’s time.