High School Mission Trips: Change the World; Define Yourself

High School Mission Trip Participants“They never tell you in training camp how this experience will change you. It’s not the same as traveling or just experiencing another culture… you see things, everything, differently…” 
Mission Trip Participant

On a mission trip with Adventures in Missions, you will join other high-school students for a journey to some of the most interesting and exotic places on earth.

These mission trips are for anyone 14-18 years old and vary in length from as short as two weeks to as long as a month. 
The focus is not just on ministry, but also on the discipleship that a student will receive. It’s about changing the world and defining yourself in the process. Below are some stories and articles that may help you decide why an AIM high school mission trip is right for you.

High School Mission Trips: MinistryStories from the mission field:
Bethany Lynch – “I Saw What I Saw”
A tale of African missions

Molly Garner – “A Day in the Dump”
Meeting the people of Nicaragua

Matt Snyder – “Nauta Ministry”

Ministry in the Amazon Jungle
High School Mission Trips: Ministering to kidsFor Parents:
“How to Set a Higher Bar for Your Kids”
The importance of challenging your youth with opportunities to go on mission trips and to serve wherever they are
The true calling of a parent involves more than just helping a child avoid risk
On Raising Support:
AIM Staff – “Mission Trip Support Raising Made Easy”
Basic steps on the process of support-raising for a mission trip

Marissa Villa – “You Give So I Can Give”

Where your finances go on a mission trip

Where You’ll Go:
While mission locations vary each year, we send students to locations where they will be stretched spiritually and challenged to grow, while providing opportunities for them to serve in meaningful and rewarding ways. In the past, high school students have gone on trips to places like Guatemala, Ireland, Mexico, Uganda,Costa Rica, the Philippines, Haiti, and more.
High School Mission Trips: Guatemalan ViewTo see a list of upcoming mission trips, check out our mission trips for high school students

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