He Was Shocked to Realize God Saw Him

While at a baptism service on a public beach in Cuba, Adventures staff Connie Rock picked up a heart-shaped rock, intending to take it home as a souvenir. But it turns out the rock was for someone else.

The waves crashed over us as we attempted to keep our frail friend from being swept away into the Caribbean Sea. She was dressed in white and all smiles. Her eyes lit up as one brother talked about the meaning of baptism and the other translated into Spanish. “I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

Yo te bautizo en el nombre del Padre, Hijo, y Espíritu Santo” 

That was my cue. I assisted by gently immersing her in the water. 

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There were a total of 9 to be baptized that beautiful day, including one mother with her son…and a man in his 50’s.

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This is the same man, Carlos*, who shared his testimony at the Easter Sunday service. As a young boy, he experienced demonic oppression. From that point forward, his life was filled with pain and suffering. He got two women pregnant…one lost the baby and went crazy as a result. Neither relationship lasted and Carlos was filled with regret and turmoil. He desired a family, but had everything taken from him. He was penniless and with only a roof over his head…alone.

One day, his nephew, a pastor in the area, visited and later introduced Carlos to other believers. After some time past, Carlos gave his heart to Christ with the commitment to live a new life. 

The day prior to the baptism, I overheard a conversation while waiting for a church service to begin between Carlos and his nephew. Alarmed at what I heard, I interrupted. “What did you just say?” I asked. 

Immediately, they both said, “Nothing, nothing…forget what you just heard.”

I then told them in Spanish, that they better not be talking about any of the females from the team. 

“Of course, Of course!” they said

So the next afternoon, as I walked out of the water and on to the beach after the baptism, my eyes dashed back and forth looking for anything that might be a souvenir.

Then I saw it: a rock shaped as a heart. 

I rinsed it off and continued my walk along the beach towards another team member. It was on our walk back that I felt as if the heart-shaped rock wasn’t for me. So I asked God, “If it’s not for me, then who?”

Maybe it was my voice, or more likely the gentle voice of God, but I heard, “I’ll tell you, but it’s not for you.” 

Knowing that, I held it up and took a picture, thinking, If I can’t have the rock, at least I have the picture. At that exact moment, Carlos walked by me and pointed, saying, “That’s my heart!”. 

I laughed. Then said, “Yes, yes it is. I think it’s from God, because He told me I would give it away.”  

This man became emotional and then reminded me of the conversation I overheard the day before. I was correct in interpreting what I heard his nephew telling him: “One of the women will give you her heart.” 

From donrock.myadventures.org

I, Connie Rock, married since 94′, was that women! I gave him my heart-shaped rock. 

For God so loved this man that he sent a tall woman from the US, to remind him… on this day, when he made a public confession of faith, of God’s great love for him and that he will not perish but have eternal life!

The shock on his face knowing God saw him is something I’ll never forget.

From donrock.myadventures.org

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