Discipleship on the Mission Field

At Adventures In Missions, we believe that the best way to make a disciple is to give them solid, biblical teaching and then an opportunity to practically apply it. This happens through service opportunities that will challenge you to grow and force you to depend on God. 
Here is what past participants have said:
I don’t think that I will ever have
such an opportunity to give up all of myself and all of my expectations
as I do here. Every day I am reminded that yes, I am different and yes, I
cannot hold my standards to the people… around me. (Emily
, Dominican Republic)

The Bible study has… turned
into a church. So, we have church at noon Tuesday-Friday under the tree
in front of the market. I love watching as people just bring their
stool/chair/water container… and join in the singing. We are going
through the book of Galatians, and it is cool to see how freedom is
affecting their hearts. I also spend 3-4 hours just hanging with the
ladies each day. (Denise
, Swaziland)
 After this day came to an end I said to myself, “This is what I expected
when I came on the World Race.”  Serving.  Traveling.  Ministering.  Meeting. It
changed my perspective on life, especially life in Africa, in a way that
no other day in recent memory has. (Weston Belkot, Togo)
From the first day I got there to the minute I was getting in the car to
leave, parents were coming up to me and HANDING me their kids. Not just
to hold and to love – but to take. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t do
anything. I was just there. Loving. Being Jesus to them. (Jenni Weir, Haiti)
It’s easy to see the importance of clothing the poor and feeding the
hungry…But ministry doesn’t always happen in between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5
p.m., specifically in a church or on a school playground. Ministry is a
lifestyle…It didn’t take long for our team to realize that we’d been given an
incredible gift-the gift of music. Armed with a guitar and our voices,
we began to walk the streets of San Pedro and sing. We went up on our
hotel’s roof to worship. We sang in churches, in classrooms, in homes,
on boats, and even in a bus. No matter where we went, prayer was on our
lips.  (Connie Rock, Guatemala)