College Missions: What Kind of Passporter Will You Be?

Just what kind of Passporter will you be?
There’s a quiz for that. 
As followers of Christ, we’ve all been given the same mandate: go into
all the world and make disciples. However, we’re not all wired the same
and might accomplish this differently.
Some of us are advocates, or
creators, while others adventurers, or caretakers.  We love and minister differently, with one united purpose: fill the earth with God’s glory and love.
So, who are you?  

“That’s not okay” slips out of your mouth a lot. You can’t seem to keep
your mouth shut, but it’s a good thing, as you speak on behalf of those
who tend to be unheard. You cannot sit back knowing injustice strikes
around the world.
Does this describe you? If so, you may be an Advocate.
Proverbs 31:8-9 tells us to “Speak up for the people who have no voice,
for the rights of all who are down-and-out. Speak up for justice! Stand
up for the poor and destitute!”  (The Message)  
You could volunteer at the local old-folks home or you could sit on a mud floor of a hut and talk with an African widow.
You could hang out at the mall or hang out on the streets of Patong, loving on prostitutes.

You could  pick up trash in your community or you could feed children living in a garbage dump in Central America. 

There are children out there waiting for their voices to be heard,
teenage girls searching for freedom, and widows with a story to be told.
Will you be the voice that speaks, the one who sets captives free? Will you be someone’s advocate?
The Passport is a program of Adventures in Missions for ages 18-22, offering trips around the globe for one to nine months. Check out where we are going this Fall.
Some trips are designed specifically for advocates like you and go to places like Thailand and Guatemala. Go. Advocate.
Ready to discover what kind of Passporter you will be this Fall? Take the quiz and find out! 

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