College Missions: Time for a Pop Quiz

School may be out for the summer, but the Passport has a quiz you don’t want to miss. (Don’t worry, it’s not for a grade!)

We’re asking the question, “What kind of Passporter will you be?”
Why? Because we are all called to live out the Gospel, but we just don’t do it all the same way. That’s what makes us the body of Christ: some are hands, some are feet, others eyes, or ears. Get the idea? 

Would your friends call you the host(ess) with the most(est)? Are you the one making chicken noodle soup when they’re sick and always ready to give out hugs? You’re the person who comforts those in need, making people feel loved just by being around you.

Does this sound familiar?

Then you might be a Caretaker.

Right now, you might already be thinking of all the ways you could care for others at home this fall:

  • the friend who gets dehydrated after a long, hot football game
  • the roommate who waited till the last minute to cram for a test and needs a study buddy
  • the co-worker you have to cover for because he stayed out too late the night before

While these are all great ways to care for those around you, what if you really got the most out of the caretaker within by serving in places like, say, Kenya or Uganda?  

In Kenya, you might serve in hospitals, praying for patients and just being by their bedside when no one else will be.
You will reach out to the communities, particularly those living in IDP (Internally Displaced People) camps.

In Uganda, you might serve in a HIV/AIDS program or in hospitals and prisons. You will love on the sick and needy in a variety of local ministries.
You might serve the church, working alongside both local and overseas partners.

The opportunities don’t stop there. The Passport offers trips for people ages 18-22 for one to nine months. This fall, we are going to four continents advancing God’s kingdom and caring for those in need.

James 1:27 defines pure and undefiled religion like this: “visit the orphans and widows in their affliction.”

Go on a unique missions journey with the Passport this fall and discover what it’s like to actually live out James 1:27 and the Gospel like Jesus did.
Don’t see yourself as a caretaker? You might be an advocate. Find out here, then tell us about it!
Stick around to discover more kinds of Passporters…you could be one of them!