College Missions: Living an Adventure

God sent us out to the nations, but we all serve in the kingdom differently. Want to discover what kind of Passporter will you be? Take the quiz to find out!
Are you an advocate or caretaker? Maybe. Or maybe you’re something else.
Never have I ever…

-been skydiving
-hiked a volcano
-eaten a tarantula
-rafted the Nile

Oh wait…maybe you have, or at least something like it. If you haven’t, we guess it’s probably on your bucket list.

Do you thrive on exploration, willing to try anything at least once? You know no strangers and fear no foods. The thought of experiencing nature and new people and street food and anything out of the ordinary brings you to life.

Then you may be an Adventurer.

And the Passport has an experience you don’t want to miss.

The Passport
, one to nine month mission trips for people 18-22 years old, is offering unique trips for adventure-seekers this fall.
Take an expedition through Africa or Central America, ministering in three different countries throughout your journey . Find yourself in a full on cultural immersion for nine months on three continents.

You could put books in your backpack, but how about actually living out of it, housing all your belongings inside?
You could fill your schedule moving from classroom to classroom across campus, or move from country to country and across continents.

While climbing the rock wall at your college rec center or taking a dip at the natatorium seems rather exciting, we think exploring Mayan pyramids or rafting the Nile might be the adventure for you.

And the adventure doesn’t stop there.

Jesus promised us abundant life, a life that’s anything but boring. He preached from boats and mountaintops, making feasts out of one small boy’s meal. He even sent his disciples, mere fishermen, out on some pretty crazy adventures. Don’t you want to live the same way?

You can. Go on a trip with the Passport this fall and experience more than an adventure; be equipped and empowered to advance God’s kingdom and live out the gospel everyday.