College Missions: How Can You Create a Better World?

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you’ve noticed a pattern: Adventures in Missions is asking young adults a big question, “What kind of Passporter will you be?”
Don’t know the answer? Take the quiz to find out.

Advocate. Caretaker. Adventurer. Or something else?

Pinterest, youtube, blogs, Instagram: all mediums to express our creativity to the world.

Upcycle is the new recycle. It’s what creators do. We make something out of nothing and we take something and make it better.

Here’s how the dictionary likes to define it:

the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc; originality, progressiveness, imagination.

Whether it’s a house, a dress, a meal, or a hairstyle, creators are good at putting stuff together. You have an eye to see life when others see hopelessness.

Does this describe you? Do feel more alive just by these reading words and inspired to go out and do something with them?

Then you may be a Creator.

The Passport, one to nine month mission trips for people 18-22 years old, is offering unique trips for creators this fall.

We know we are all called to serve the kingdom, but the way we serve looks different. Sometimes it’s relationally, for some it’s building, others serve through teaching. 

Creators like you may be interested in expressing the gifts God has placed inside of you in far off lands like the Philippines or places closer to home like Atlanta.

Picture this: In the coming fall, you could work on yearbook staff at your university, documenting athletes and academic all-stars and the who’s who on campus.
Or you could discover your creative outlet with a magazine which gives the homeless and marginalized a voice and real hope. Oh and did we mention there’s a beach?

Think you’re called a little closer to home? Imagine working with immigrants in schools, internet cafes, and local ministries of Atlanta, GA improving literacy, domestic skills, and maybe even working on your green thumb. Here, your creativity will come alive in a city that brings the nations to you.

God is the ultimate creator. Take a look outside your window; within moments you should be amazed at the creativity expressed throughout nature and the diversity of species throughout the world. Look in the mirror. Think about the cells, nerves, ligaments, and systems that make up the human body. Creativity is a part of our makeup, a part of God in us. 

Are you ready to live a life of creative expression and serve the body of Christ with your unique gifts? Apply today for a trip with the Passport. Come away on a journey with God and come alive with creative passion serving the least of these. 

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