Adventures in Missions Celebrates 100,000 Missionaries

From the moment God first birthed a dream inside Seth Barnes in 1989 to sending out 100,000 missionaries 23 years later, Adventures in Missions has reason to celebrate.   

Adventures exists to raise up a generation of radically-committed disciples of Jesus Christ. Whether participants are on the field for a few days or a few years, we emphasize prayer and relationships while seeking out the darkest places of the world.

“It’s counter-cultural, but it’s not new,” says founder Seth Barnes. “Our methods are Jesus’ own. They aren’t based on a curriculum or a program, but on listening to his voice and moving out in obedience. We dream of a generation that will live to see the glory of God cover the earth and we walk out that dream one relationship at a time.”

In a time when people are rejecting the church in pursuit of there own truth, we desire to empower this generation to be a part of something bigger than the American Dream, empty routines, and self-absorption. Instead, we ask them to choose a life of purpose and adventure; a life that has meaning and gives love to the “least of these.”

A girl serving with Adventures Youth in Atlanta talks of her experience with some Nepalese refugee children:

“Words cannot explain the joy that my heart was feeling as these girls and I conversed about Jesus. The days are long and hard here with Adventures Youth but moments like those make any kind of hard work well worth it.”

Every year, Adventures sends out adults, students, and families to over 70 different locations around the world to answer this call we believe God has placed on our lives. Adventures is moving into a new era, where we celebrate the last 100,000 missionaries with hopes to commission even more in the coming years.

Come; join the legacy of believers who have gone before. Be part of the next 100,000 missionaries to expand the kingdom of God on this earth.

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