Adventures Featured on A Greater Story with Sam Collier

Sam Collier had never heard of the World Race a year ago. And then he met an alumni Racer who told him the Race had drastically changed his life forever…and Sam wanted to know more. 

Fast forward several months and our team connected with Sam about a potential interview on his podcast called A Greater Story with Sam Collier. 



Since he’s based in Atlanta, Sam made the trip to Gainesville to set up the cameras to have a heart to heart with Seth Barnes and Bill Swan about Adventures and the World Race.

But this episode is so much more than simply a story about how Adventures got started. 

It’s a story about God looking for those He can trust. Because here’s the thing, God isn’t looking for the people who have it all together or the ones who’ve figured out life, but rather, He’s looking for the ones He can trust to bring His Kingdom to Earth and bring His name glory.

He’s looking for folks who can fall down, get back up, and keep trusting…

Can you relate?

This short interview is for the people who know there’s more out there than the comfort zones we live in. Because let’s be real, even comfort zones can feel like jail cells sometimes! 



At the end of the interview, Sam said he kept hearing in his spirit, “Our faith gets bigger when we see the world and when we see what God is doing around the world.” And we would have to agree!

There’s a longing in our hearts to serve God the way the apostles did. Many of us yearn to see the miracles that happened back then, happen today. And you know what? People are seeing these things happen! But sometimes it takes a journey to discover how to hear His voice and see Him move. 

Listen to the whole episode below.