Adventure Awaits You, and It’s Closer than You Think

Dayna Bickham led an Adventures Family trip to Appalachia. She saw the beauty and diversity of the body of Christ as her team served a ministry there.

The body of Christ looks like the diversity found on a family mission trip. Our youngest participant was six years old and the oldest was 76. The beautiful unity of young and old, men and women, working and retired, and people from every season of life working together stood out to me.

The first two mornings of the trip, I took three small groups to work with an organization called “Live It!” There we learned what ministry can look like outside the four walls of a church. Denomination didn’t matter. Age wasn’t an issue. All that mattered was loving people like Jesus would—serving one another and showing the love of Christ. Live It! takes the Bible out of the box and does as James instructed: “…look after orphans and widows in their distress…”

I watched as teenagers labored, tools in hand, alongside men and women 60 years older. Ten-year-old girls worked tirelessly next to moms and grandmas. Together they cut down bushes and trees. They mowed yards and sipped juice boxes in the shade. They moved piles of wood and mountains of clothes. They even fought off swarms of stinging insects. They worked like beasts of burden, but they took delight in every moment.

Despite the difficult tasks and the bothersome heat, the joy of the Lord showed on the face of every team member. Even when they were caked in grime, grass, and sweat, their willingness to serve shined through.

No matter where you are, there is work to be done and a life to be lived for Jesus. Adventure awaits you.

Photos via @katieaxelson and @christineroyseniles

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