A New Wave of Gap Year Routes: 5 Countries in 9 months

Sign-ups for WR Gap Year are exploding! We’re responding by launching a new route this September to FIVE different countries. Sign up and change the trajectory of your life.

 Costa Rica 1 month

Costa Rica is a hot spot for surfing and just enjoying “pura vida” – literally, “pure life”, it’s a concept of a “chill,” relaxed, laidback way of life. The beautiful beaches that line both coasts are the perfect setting. Among the Central American countries, Costa Rica (“Rich Coast”) lives up to its name. While the natural beauty attracts lots of tourists, there are still large pockets of poverty and family brokenness. Because of its relative affluence, Costa Rica also draws in immigrants from neighboring countries, like Nicaragua, who don’t fare much better than they did before. You might help feed their physical and spiritual hunger – and discover other creative ways to give new meaning to the concept of “pura vida.”


Nicaragua 1 month

This location is always a World Race favorite. It’s a country full of wonderfully warm and caring people, and participants always leave having had a powerful experience. However, hopelessness, addictions, destitution, and poverty still plague the many lives of Nicaragua. There are orphans who have grown up without knowing the love of a parent and families who get by each day by scrounging scraps from the city dump where they have made their homes. In Nicaragua, you’ll have the opportunity to bring God’s love through slum ministry, door-to-door outreach, outreach to children, and more.


Ethiopia 2 months

With a deep religious tradition and a population of diverse faith, Ethiopia carries a rich history and was one of the earliest countries to accept Christianity. Located north of Kenya on the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia boasts deserts, mountains, and tropical forests, and is the largest producer of coffee in the world. But as the modern world expands, Ethiopia struggles. Rural villages remain isolated, in many areas without clean water or access to markets. As many people move to the cities hoping for a better life, the country’s ability to provide basic services is strained. Ministry in Ethiopia is as diverse as its people. You might serve street kids in the city, helping them find shelter, food, and the love of Jesus, or you might preach the gospel and encourage the growing church in rural areas.


Nepal 2 months

Home to Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain, Nepal literally sits on top of the world. In addition to adventurous experiences you will have here, you may also visit widows and orphans in their times of distress and protect the innocent who are prey to human traffickers. This month of your World Race experience will submerge you in a culture that is desperate for an encounter with the living God.


Philippines 3 months

This Asian island nation, former Spanish colony then American protectorate, is a country in tension, trying to cross the threshold between the third and first world. It offers a variety of landscapes – beaches, mountains, volcanic lakes – and languages, with Tagalog as the national tongue. The Catholic Church is a substantial piece of the religious pie, however, and Islam is growing in the island of Mindinao. The Filipino people and culture love music, dance and community. While there, you will find yourself living with and giving hope to the destitute, caring for orphans, and challenging the growing number of Christ-followers to rise up.