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You Built A Vocational Center and It’s Changing Lives in Eswatini

December 26, 2019
Last year in Eswatini we worked together to fund a vocational training center. That building is complete and serves the local community. Now we are designing a formal vocational training program that will launch in 2020. This program will train Swazi nationals with skills needed in the local job market. I want to introduce you to Bongekile, a recent graduate of our Swaziland Leadership Academy. Her testimony gives a picture of the transformational experience provided in this training.  This year we want to invest in young adult leaders emerging from our Care Points. Our Swaziland Leadership Academy (SLA) spends three years equipping these leaders to pursue their dream through education or vocation. We have graduated six classes of students in the past several years, with many o…

She was Healed and Now She Prays for Healing Over Others

December 21, 2019
A note from Anglea at out Guatemala Base:  Today I wanted to share about our Church Activation conferences.  During these conferences, we train Latinos on how to live a missional lifestyle. We start with worshiping the Lord and glorifying Him. Next, we move into a time of teaching and training. Then we put into practice what we learned. We go out led by the Holy Spirit and excited to partner with what God has planned. Here’s a testimony from one of our conferences:  Recently one of our staff members, Junior, started a church in Antigua. He asked our Church Activation team to teach a few Sundays ago. As the teaching was about to end, the congregation was told that they were going to go out and practice what they just learned. Most of the church was very nervous t…

Activating God’s global Church in Guatemala

December 20, 2019
A note from Chelsea at our Guatemala Base:  I wanted to take a moment to share what God is doing in hearts in Central America and particularly Guatemala! In 2013 the Adventures Base in Guatemala received a prophetic word: God is turning Guatemala from a receiving nation to a sending nation. He wants to send Guatemalans to nations, specifically the Middle East.   In response, we developed a program called Church Activation, which is designed to activate the faith of believers to live missionally in their hometowns and in the nations.  Our Church Activation program consists of monthly training conferences with local churches for six consecutive months. Each conference incorporates worship, teaching, and activation. We emphasize activation so that participants can p…

Project Saturation: How They Built 20 Churches in One Week

December 13, 2019
We believe when Jesus said to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth, He had the unreached people groups of India in mind.  As you’ve had the opportunity to meet our Adventures base leader and some of the local pastors, I hope you’ve felt the excitement of what it’s like to reach unreached people groups for Christ!  Today I’m going to share some testimonies from our partners and supporters who make this work possible.      I hope their stories will inspire you to answer the invitation of the Great Commission.  Will you join us in bringing the name of Jesus to the ends of the earth? To give or to learn more about Project Saturation, visit

We Are Planting 1000 churches in India | Project Saturation:

December 2, 2019
India is home to over 1.3 billion people – 95% of whom have no ready access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!   Adventures in Missions has international bases in 7 countries, and our base in India has adopted the district of Nalgonda. It is home to over 3 million people of whom less than 1% are Christian. There are 184 unreached people groups in Nalgonda who are in desperate need of the hope of the Gospel. So where do you start when the need is so great?    Project Saturation is our answer to the call in Nalgonda, India. Our goal through this project is to see over 1000 churches planted (that’s 1 per village) in the district. And we are on track to complete this goal heading into our third year.    World Race, Gap Year, Short Term teams, and Parent Visi…

It’s Back – The World Race Blog: Stories from the Mission Field

September 9, 2019
At Adventures in Missions and on the World Race, we celebrate great stories because we love sharing the incredible things God is doing all around the world. To continue to share the best stories, we brought back something exciting…the World Race Blog: Stories from the Mission Field. Stories like Alyssa’s… “One morning, my team did something called “listening prayer” where we ask the Lord to speak to us about who He might have us encounter that day. Some people got impressions of places to go or things to do, but I got a whole list of seemingly random objects, colors, or descriptions of people.” Read the rest of the story and subscribe for weekly blog updates here.   Cheers to living and telling good stories!

Missions isn’t Different in America … We’re Different.

August 27, 2019
World Race: America visionary and leader, Teresa McMillan sat down with her mentor and friend Lou Engle, of Lou Engle Ministries, and G42 Leadership Academy Director, Gary Black to talk about their joined hearts for revival in the U.S. You don’t want to miss this! Check out the video below.  Teresa realized that there are thousands of World Race alumni who know how to do missions and live in Christ-centered community out on the field, but get home and aren’t sure what missions in the U.S. should look like.  She says, “Missions isn’t different in America … We’re different in America.”  If you’re interested in doing missions here in your own backyard, you should check out World Race: America. It’s an 11-month journey around the United States and is avilabl…

Adventures Featured on A Greater Story with Sam Collier

July 15, 2019
Sam Collier had never heard of the World Race a year ago. And then he met an alumni Racer who told him the Race had drastically changed his life forever…and Sam wanted to know more.  Fast forward several months and our team connected with Sam about a potential interview on his podcast called A Greater Story with Sam Collier.      Since he’s based in Atlanta, Sam made the trip to Gainesville to set up the cameras to have a heart to heart with Seth Barnes and Bill Swan about Adventures and the World Race. But this episode is so much more than simply a story about how Adventures got started.  It’s a story about God looking for those He can trust. Because here’s the thing, God isn’t looking for the people who have it all together or…

Here is Why We Should Have Hope for the Next Generation

July 8, 2019
We just finished Training Camp with our high school program, Ambassador, and let’s just say we have a LOT of excitement for this next generation! We are always so humbled when students come hang out with us at our headquarters here in north Georgia. They bring such a fire and passion with them and it’s contagious! Over forty students, ages 14-18, spent a few days in the woods training and diving deep with God to discover how He plans to use them this summer. They left with hearts surrendered to Him and so excited to partner with what He’s doing among the nations.  It’s pretty cool to see this paradigm shift take place and to watch their hearts get set on fire to share the Gospel with people all over the world.  The four teams are heading to the Domin…

Generational Discipleship and Why It’s Important

March 11, 2019
“Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.’” – Matthew 28:16-20 A disciple is both a learner and a teacher. We define generational discipleship as when an elder listens and speaks life into someone who wants to pursue a similar path. Discipleship is the process of pointing people to Jesus and reliance on the Holy Spirit; it is woven within every aspect of a Kingdom lifestyle. It is vital for both the upcoming generations and the older generations of the Church…